Gentacare VeT
Gentacare Vet
Composition Each ml Contains : Gentamicine Sulphatge I.P. Eq. to
Gentamicine Base : 40 mg.
Dosage & Administrations : Large Animals : 1-2 mg/Kg body wt.
Small Animals : 2-4 mg/Kg body wt.
Poultry : 3-5 mg/Kg body wt.
Day Old chicks : 0.2-0.4 mg/chick
Presentation : 30ml , 100ml vial
Indications : Gentacare is affective for urinary Track, Respiratory Track secondary becterial skin and soft tissue injections.

In case of metritis, Repeat breeders for intra uterine Treatment.

Poultry : Gentacare is indicated for prevention of early chick mortality particularly due to E. coil, Salmonella sp. & Psuedomonas